Good news for those who enter Spade Oak via Coldmoorholme Lane

Thanks to Jeff and the council we have had a combination lock put onto the pedestrian gate. The code is the same as used on our other locks. For those of you who don’t know the code it is found on the back of your permit. 

Please remember to lock the gate back up after use as we don’t want to loose this access.

Please do not tamper with the kissing gate as this has now been repaired by the council.

Thank you

Update on lakes and River Thames

River Thames Town Stretch - big nets of Bream being caught mostly during the night but over the last week good nets of Bream have been showing up in the daytime. Good nets of Roach,Perch & Dace also showing on the waggler.


River Thames Medmenham - Good nets of Roach being caught on both the feeder and waggler along with Bream, Perch and Dace


River Thames Rivrwoods - Not many swims available on this stretch but great reports of Barbel coming out along with Bream,Chub,Roach and Dace.


Spade Oak - Carp upto 43lb+ have been caught along with Tench and Bream. 


Hillwood & Holloways Ponds - Both lakes are producing Skimmers,Tench,Carp,Rudd & Roach.

Carp up to 9lb recorded this week. Tench 4lb+ 


Medmenham Backwater - Few Tench came out, Bream upto 8lb have come out. Carp also been caught but no weight have been given to us.


Ski Lake - Carp upto 30lb came out this week along with a lot of Tench biggest that we’ve been told was 6lb


Westhorpe Lake - Carp coming out upto 38lb 4oz thanks to Corrian Cluskey for the below photos he also had a 20lb 30z Carp.  

Once again thanks for letting us use your photos Corrian.



Corrian Cluskey 20lb 3oz

Corrian Cluskey 38lb 4oz

Jack Jones - Hillwood



We have had a couple of complaints from the residents who live in the cottages regarding anglers being dropped off right by the lake, I would like to remind you that under NO circumstance are you allowed to be dropped of outside the cottages.
NO cars are to go past the service road, you must park or get dropped off in the car park show in your rule book.

If this continues we will loose the right to night fish this area and we don’t want that as we worked so hard to get that area back


Important Notice


Parking cars near Lexmark House is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

This is a PRIVATE ROAD and we are not allowed to use it for access or parking of cars.

The owner has complained to the club about anglers parking in his road.

He will report any car registration number parking or dropping off in that road

If you are caught and reported to the club your membership to the club will be terminated


Jeff Brown




Membership Form 2020/2021

New membership forms are now available to download 

MAC Application form
Applications are now being taken for the 2020-2021 Season

M.A.C season begins 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021
no matter when you join throughout the year your permit still runs out on the 31st March
application form 20-21.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [506.6 KB]

NEW Club Fees 

Senior/Lady £65.00

Junior £30.00

OAP / Disabled £45.00

New Family Ticket (1 Adult + 1 or more juniors) £80.00



Fish into Spade Oak

Fish stock into Hall Barn Estate

Photos / Reports of your days fishing on MAC waters

The club is very intrested in your days fishing on any of the clubs waters. If you would like to share your catch then please send photos with a brief discription on how you caught your fish, then the club can put it on the website


Please send all images and reports to


Work Parties

If you attend any work parties we will pay you £5 an hour

This is only on official work parties where a committee member is in attendance.

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