We can confirm that Spade Oak will be partially open from Saturday 6th March 2021.
Fishing is permitted from Peg 1 to Peg 18 and also the Cottage Bank/Sewer Bank.

ONLY FISH THESE SWIMS! All other areas are totally out of bounds, DO NOT go past the fences that have been put up. The lake will not be closed for two weeks in March as instructed on your permit.

Fishing hours are 6.30am to 6pm

Please stick to these swims if your caught fishing/walking outside the permitted areas your cards will be marked 

Kind regards




Membership for 2021/2022 now available 



Applications are now being taken for the 2021-2022 Season


M.A.C season begins 1st April 2021 - 31st March 2022

no matter when you join throughout the year your permit still runs out on the 31st March

Application Form 21-22.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [511.5 KB]





Senior/Lady:- £70.00

Junior:- £30.00

OAP / Disabled:- £50.00

Under 12:- £5.00 (Children under 12 must be with a paid member when fishing at all times) 



Postal applictions only


COVID-19 Lockdown Update

MAC are pleased to announce that we will be opening all our Waters....

(Spade Oak CLOSED see above message)

It is important that you follow the government and Angling trust guidelines at ALL times and social distancing must be followed .

You should only fish club waters if you live LOCALLY to our lakes/river

It is not the clubs responsibility to say you are local-please use your common sense as we are in a national lockdown.

- To remain within the law you should follow the government’s guidance, and only fish locally within the district where you live.

NO night fishing
you can fish the waters from 7.30am until 5pm

NO swim or equipment sharing

There will be NO club matches until further notice

Please wear protective gloves when opening padlocks and gates and also use hand sanitiser

All anglers must hold a current EA license, a current Marlow Angling club permit and their ID card at all times.

Bailiffs will make sure all rules are adhered to, if you are breaking these rules you will be asked to pack up and leave immediately with the possibility of being banned if you are breaking the rules

Bailiffs should maintain a 2m distance when checking anglers, they will not physically handle your permit and ID card, it will be a site inspection only

Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms should not go fishing and they should follow the government advice and self isolate

Please be sensible when fishing, and stick to social distancing & our rules as we don’t want to have to close any of our waters, but we will if anglers are not fishing sensibly


Jeff Brown (Chairman)



Spade Oak



We have recieved an email containing the following:- 

“I’ve been chasing Estates/Legal to get this sorted.
Meanwhile, I have to ask if there’s a way you can contact all your members? There’s been a breach of security at the old Gravel Yard, whereby somebody (looks like two people) has entered the area adjoining (most likely by climbing over the bund at the rear of what we call The Spinney – an area meant to be for anglers only) and posted a video on line of the film set being constructed there. The post says they “have an affiliation with the land”.
The Council is under a strict confidentiality agreement relating to it and the Filmco takes a dim view of such breaches, such that it will take action against individuals involved (for they take protection of their Intellectual Property Rights very seriously). Can you please inform members that if any of them were involved, they have committed a trespass and put the continuance of fishing from The Spinney at risk. Having said that,  I doubt that it was MAC members but rather, other private individuals, but I am required to inform all our tenants.Oh 

Good news for those who enter Spade Oak via Coldmoorholme Lane

Thanks to Jeff and the council we have had a combination lock put onto the pedestrian gate. The code is the same as used on our other locks. For those of you who don’t know the code it is found on the back of your permit. 

Please remember to lock the gate back up after use as we don’t want to loose this access.

Please do not tamper with the kissing gate as this has now been repaired by the council.

Thank you



We have had a couple of complaints from the residents who live in the cottages regarding anglers being dropped off right by the lake, I would like to remind you that under NO circumstance are you allowed to be dropped of outside the cottages.
NO cars are to go past the service road, you must park or get dropped off in the car park show in your rule book.

If this continues we will loose the right to night fish this area and we don’t want that as we worked so hard to get that area back


Important Notice


Parking cars near Lexmark House is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

This is a PRIVATE ROAD and we are not allowed to use it for access or parking of cars.

The owner has complained to the club about anglers parking in his road.

He will report any car registration number parking or dropping off in that road

If you are caught and reported to the club your membership to the club will be terminated


Jeff Brown



Photos / Reports of your days fishing on MAC waters

The club is very intrested in your days fishing on any of the clubs waters. If you would like to share your catch then please send photos with a brief discription on how you caught your fish, then the club can put it on the website


Please send all images and reports to


Work Parties

If you attend any work parties we will pay you £5 an hour

This is only on official work parties where a committee member is in attendance.

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